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Rectangular Watches with Contemporary Flair

Princess Diana was a big fan
By Vanessa Haber
25 Mar,2020

Who said rectangular watches aren’t modern? Although, it is known as a classic piece, luxurious watch brands gave rectangular watches’ designs a modern approach, to add it as a luxury accessory enhancing your outfit. Interesting fact, rectangular watches were royals’ favorite.

Recently, Fendi launched a new watches collection “Run Away Rectangle” combining the classic rectangular case, which evokes a timeless elegance with a contemporary flair. Rectangular watches are typical of the Tank collection from Cartier, and Princess Diana was often seen wearing them. Meghan Markle as well, was never afraid of adding classic pieces to her royal looks. Jennifer Aniston is also a rectangular watch fan; she was seen in Cartier watch from Santos collection. Chopard designed rectangular watches which has a more modern touch, comparing to other brands in La Strada collection.