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The Velvet Nails Are Our Latest Nail Art Obsession

Check them out in motion for the real effect
By Hala Fayad
12 Jan,2021

Nail art has been a thing lately and we are slowly but surely falling for the trend, from Checkered nail art earlier to velvet nails, especially now that we saw a video of them in motion. 

The velvet appeal that is silky, smooth with a touch of luxe velour is definitely eye-catching because it shines in its own way, just like an update to the regular metallic glittery nail-polish, and the videos we spotted on Instagram will show you exactly the difference. 

This mesmerizing manicure is all about the way the light bounces off the fingernails, giving the illusion of a velvet-y finish. Keep scrolling for the chicest examples of the trend, and prepare to obsess. From shimmery green to golds and silvers, this trend will definitely add uniqueness to your looks.