These Natural Remedies Will Kiss Acne Scars Goodbye

Repeat Daily For Perfect Results
By Christina Jaber
20 Nov,2020

Having flawless skin and a shiny complexion are both not so hard if you are regularly following up with your beauty routine including the best moisturizers, retinol creams and more. However, you usually can’t tell a pimple not to show up, it comes, stays for a while and leave its nasty marks behind: dark marks and red or brown spots, known as acne scars.

Yes, they’re not easy to get rid of, but before you spend tons of money on pricey products, check out the following natural remedies you have in your kitchen right now, and discover our top ways to treat acne scars at home. 




Lemon Juice

When life gives you lemons, apply them on your skin! 

Rich with Vitamin C that rebuilds collagen, lemons work really well for making acne scars lighter, especially when it comes to pigment scars. All you have to do is just apply fresh lemon juice on the acne scars for 15 minutes (add water if your skin is sensitive), before washing your face. Make sure the sun doesn’t kiss your face while lemon juice is on because it might make things even worse and leave you with darker scars. 





Vegetable Oils

Rich in antioxidants and loaded with Vitamin B, there’s nothing vegetable oils can’t help you with, and healing acne scars is on top of the list. Go for some olive oil or Jojoba oils, massage your scars with the oil and leave it on your skin over night for a better treatment. This oil will form a protective layer keeping the acne scar hydrated and smooth until it gets you rid of it for good. 






Honey works best for the common acne scar: Red and residual. 

Healing, repairing, softening, antibacterial… Honey is and essential product to include in your natural beauty routine. All you have to do is apply a thick layer of honey on the scar and leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse it well and you’ll immediately start seeing results. 




Apple-cider Vinegar

Almost effective on every scar in life. With its antibiotic properties, it removes dead skin cells and lighten the skin complexion. Mix it with water and apply it through a cotton or a tissue right on the scar and keep it on for 10 minutes. Repeat daily for real change. 




Aloe Vera

Is there anything Aloe Vera can’t offer your skin? We find it here also with properties related to acne scars. The amazing moisturizer and the vitamins pack should be used exactly when a scar is having a hard time to heal. massage the gel on the scar and apply with thick layers in case of redness.