Wafaa Al-Kilani Has Something to Say about her Old Photo

She wants to shut down all the bullying
By Vanessa Haber
04 Jun,2020

Our curiosity always makes us eager to know what the stars looked like before fame or when they were younger. We love seeing the big difference before and after while criticizing their features which have changed over the years. Their before/after pictures go viral social media, but sometimes you have to make sure it is the right one!

This is exactly what happened with the Egyptian journalist, Wafaa Al-Kilani, who had seen an old picture of her going viral on social platforms, where people claimed that it was her before she became famous. However, the “Takharif” program host broke her silence and decided to tell the truth behind this photo.



Tim Hassan's wife published the old image on Instagram to confirm that the girl in that picture is not her at all, she said: “The girl is beautiful, but she’s not me, and it doesn’t bother me that she looks like me. I’ve always wanted to have wavy or curly hair of my straight hair."


Al-Kilani explained that she decided to tell the truth, to stop the bullying that the real owner of the photo would be subjected to, Wafaa said: "I wanted to clarify at this time, to stop of the bullying against the owner of the photo on social media..."


She also attacked the magazines and news websites and asked them to verify any information or news given to them before publishing it. She concluded by saluting the girl in the photo who was mistaken for Wafaa Al-Kilani.