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What’s behind Kate Middleton’s glossy blowout?

Find out the secret
By Justine Feutry – Madame Figaro
18 Nov,2020

Last weekend, the Duchess of Cambridge made two virtual appearances, and she sure gave us a thing or two to learn on elegance. While her outfits have been the subject of all discussions, especially that the Duchess usually goes for sustainable garments, or she chooses to surprise everyone with a black  power suit , either ways her outfits lack no elegance, but we are obsessing over her hairstyle this time. Here’s what you need to know about the so not trivial blow-dry we fell for.

Kate Middleton ensured the promotion of the exhibition "Hod Still 2020", a photographic project which aims to highlight the experiences and stories of individuals during the lockdown period. She was there, with her hair looking both perfect and natural.


“It almost feels like this blowout, unlike her usual hairstyles, could have been done by her, even though we know that it was probably not the case.” explains Olga Ciesco, expert in body language.




The mother of Prince George, Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, opted for some very subtle highlights early fall, a blonde flash effect that enhanced her hair’s natural brown color, and gave extra radiance to her complexion. “She really chooses to stay natural when it comes to makeup. The eyes are barely made up, the cheekbones are not underlined ... She is not in the seduction but in the simplicity, the accessibility. She has clearly opted for a "hopping out of bed" effect." adds Olga Ciesco. For the specialist, this may reflect the desire and will of Prince William's wife to be close to the British people. An effect reinforced by the choice of the Zara jacket, an accessible brand.

On the same day, she also had a video chat with two hospital staff who took part in this project. While the Duchess of Cambridge changed her outfit and swapped her scarlet jacket for a pastel blue cardigan, she kept the same blowout, just giving back a little bounce to her curls. “The blowout here is more sophisticated, just like the makeup a little more intense. We have the impression that she wanted to honor her speakers.” analyzes the expert.


Good hair, good health

Kate Middleton usually favors loose hair. Since the pandemic started, she has increased video exchanges with the British. Certainly, a style exercise for the Duchess but also an opportunity to vary the hairstyles. And if blowout remains her preferred option, she has allowed herself a few changes, while leaving the sophisticated bun only to the rare official events. We have seen her several times with a half-ponytail, a great way to keep her hair long while clearing her face.

“In the collective unconscious, beautiful hair is a sign of good health, strength and femininity. And she is very lucky to have thick, shiny hair” concludes Olga Ciesco.