Georges Hobeika Creates Unique Tapestry Piece to Decorate Parisian Premises

Nada Hanna


Georges Hobeika Creates Unique Tapestry Piece to Decorate Parisian Premises

To decorate the newly inaugurated premises on Rue François 1er, Lebanese designer Georges Hobeika created an astonishing tapestry piece depicting the yearly seasonal cycle, and capturing the beauty and wonder of the natural world throughout the 4 different seasons. Nature has been always a muse to Georges Hobeika, embodying the designer’s desire to create and unleash his imagination.

Inspired by the richness of nature around the globe, the tapestry (3 meters in height and 2 meters in width) portrays a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns, from the vibrant reds and oranges of autumn leaves to the cool blues and whites of winter snow.

This unique piece that took a full year of dedication and work was created using silk fabric woven from silver lurex and vintage velvet in an earthy beige hue: 483 types of silk threads, metallic reeds, crystals and other hand embroidered stones were sewn into the fabric to narrate this life cycle of rebirth.

At the center of the tapestry lies a stunning depiction of the core of the Earth. The intricate crystals that stretch out from this central point represent the particles that carry life to the surface of the Earth, fueling the cycle of life and the changing seasons we see reflected in our surrounding. The core of the Earth is a powerful force, providing the energy and nutrients that enable the planet to sustain life and thrive.

Autumn’s depiction is a true sight to behold. Bursting with warm, fiery hues of red, orange, and gold, the tapestry captures the drama and excitement of this transitional time of year. The green leaves magically transform into orange, lilac, yellow, brown and pink derivatives, evoking feelings of coziness, comfort, and nostalgia.

The winter season portrayed on the tapestry is a beautiful dichotomy of tranquility and energy: A Winter Wonderland with intricate reflections of ice crystals. The contrast between the color of the black branches and the color of the white snow stand as symbols for the ways in which death and life can embrace one another: A cycle of birth, growth and death leaving behind a legacy for the anew to inherit and move forward.

The spring season is brought to life through a stunning display of blooming flowers and an explosion of vibrant colors. The poppies that adorn the piece symbolize adoring love with their transparent red color. As the weather shifts from cold & quiet to bright and lively, a rebirth and a new beginning is marked. The ornate details of the marguerite rose are a symbol of childhood love and the Almond blossom is a symbol of nature’s love.

The summer season is an explosion of hues. A reference to the marine life during the summer months, when the waters are warm and soft. The vibrant blue and orange tones of the butterflies mixed with deep green and black threads emerge from their cocoons during this season and flit about in the sunshine, representing transformation and growth. Golden wheat adorns the tapestry representing the bounty of earth and the fruits of our labor.