How to Look Flawless in Every Photo You Take


How to Look Flawless in Every Photo You Take

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes look like the ugly duckling on photos compared to your reflection on the mirror? The two seem like totally different people, but there’s an explanation to it. Don’t be traumatized, you don’t have a huge nose or a double chin, your pictures are lying. All you need to do is find the right angle and apply the right amount of makeup to look flawless in pictures. That ugly duckling will transform into a magnificent swan in no time. Okay, enough with the metaphors… here are some tips and tricks for you to look flawless in every photo you take.


A cloudy day is a happy day

You don’t want that backlight to ruin the picture, so the best thing you can do is avoid taking your picture with the sun behind you. Your best bet is a cloudy day, which can reflect a softer, gentler light that won’t stress as much on your character lines.


A white background is always best

Standing in front of a bright white wall brings brightness to your face, making it more radiant and fresh.


Find the perfect angle

Did you know that each angle can make you look completely different? Just go through your favorite pictures and try to figure out which angle brings out your best features.


Use the perfect foundation

Avoid using a foundation that’s brighter than your actual skin tone. A flash camera will make it even more obvious, so make sure your makeup is a perfect match at all times by matching your foundation to the color of your chest.


Lots and lots of mascara

Mascara makes your eyes look more open, obviously. But it’s essential that you curl your eyelashes and add lots of mascara which will also bring more emphasis to your eyes, making your overall appearance more attractive.