RODGE launches his new single "BEIRUT"

He's celebrating the good life in Lebanon!


RODGE launches his new single "BEIRUT"

“The irrepressible RODGE launches his new single “BEIRUT” celebrating the good life in Lebanon.”
Beirut May 4th, 2018. Famed Lebanese DJ & Producer RODGE recently released yet another inspirational single “BEIRUT”. Featuring NINA ABDEL MALAK, “BEIRUT” aims at shedding light on the positive aspects of the capital, its simplicity and the good life that prevails.

The single was first heard on April 13, at The Village – Dbayeh, in the presence of over 3,000 guests. April 13 is a black date that takes us back to 1975, at the outset of the Lebanese Civil War. In turn, RODGE significantly chose this very date with the ambition to turn it into a day we celebrate music, positivity, high spirits and the love of life, shouting out loud, “Never Again!” through great music. 

“When creating the track “BEIRUT”, I tried to reflect my undying love for the city. Ever since I was a child, Lebanon has given me so much, I felt I simply had to give something back, and what better way to do so than with a song? Music is my passion, and so is my country. And more so it’s capital, Beirut is a city that never stops, one that's packed with history and culture and a spirit that never fails to amaze and inspire me. Since music is how I communicate with the world, I tried to use it to depict the true, authentic spirit of this city, which is sadly tarnished in the eyes of some,” explains RODGE. 

“BEIRUT” is RODGE’s sixth single, and perhaps the one that most closely represents his passion, inner loves and inspirations. The melody combines the heritage and culture of Lebanon with the beating music of today. His inspiration when writing Beirut was an overwhelming drive to capture the hearts of people of all ages, cultures and passions, “BEIRUT” is for everyone. This song is addressed to everybody who hears it; its varying nuances are made to touch each and every one of us in a distinctive, personal manner. The acclaimed DJ’s choice of singer was easy, the wonderful NINA ABDEL MALAK was his first option. “She represents energy, talent and inspiration and her voice carries a lot of character that fit the profile perfectly,” says RODGE. 

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“Beirut” is now available on iTunes, Anghami & Shazzam