Straw Love!

It’s the ultimate summer accessory.


Straw Love!

We live in a world where straws are banned because of the harm that they can do to nature, but in the world of fashion, there’s another kind of straw that we can’t possibly live without! Plus, straw is a quintessential summer thing, so you’re definitely going to like this straw piece: a giant straw hat!

Yes ladies, giant straw hats are totally in style right now, and we can’t get enough of them. But if you think we’re talking about those mainstream hats that every single person has in their wardrobe, you’re absolutely wrong. The latest fashion craze is a huge straw hat, so huge that it’s the perfect place to hide while drawing attention at the same time!

Sure, wearing a hat that’s literally as tall as you are may seem a bit ridiculous at first, but many of our favorite celebrities broadcasted their giant straw hats on social media, and they’re our role models, so… doesn’t sound so ridiculous now, does it? Between the stars who wore this bold piece, we can mention Emily Ratajkowski, Jacquemus and Bella Hadid.