Feminist Protest Group Co-Founder Dead

It wasn't an accident...


Feminist Protest Group Co-Founder Dead

Oksana Shachko, aka the co-founder of feminist protest group Femen, was found dead in her appartment in Paris. She was 31.

It appears that she committed suicide, according to the group's founder Inna Shevchenko. ""Oksana was found yesterday in Paris in her apartment, she committed suicide," she said.

Anna Goutsol, another co-founder of the movement, also confirmed the tragic death on her Facebook page, but didn't give any details about the cause of death.

"The courageous (...) Oksana Shachko has passed away, we're mourning with her family and loved ones, and we're waiting for the official report from the police. For the moment, what we know is that ( ...) Oksana's body was found in her apartment in Paris and, according to her friends, she left a suicide note."

Rest in peace Oksana...