Burn it up smoothly

Lose calories without going to extremes.


Burn it up smoothly

Slow walk

We can imagine lots of scenarios in which we take slow walks: when you’re on an outdoor date, or walking your dog, walking to your car that you parked far away, running errands, going to the mall or even to the supermarket… we can go on and on, but we don’t want to bore you to death. Anyways, here’s our point of the story: it’s easy to walk at any time and any place, so you don’t need to make that much of an effort. It’s a bit unexpected, but walking at a slow pace actually makes you lose calories, and a lot, apparently! A slow walk helps you lose about 225 calories an hour if you have an average weight.


Ballroom dancing

Imagine swirling and swaying with your partner to the sounds of a hypnotizing waltz by Chopin. And now, imagine losing 273 calories. We know you can’t believe it, but it’s true. Ballroom dancing is actually a very effective way to lose calories. Let’s think of it this way: you’ll be too busy gazing into the eyes of your boyfriend while dancing to the most romantic music to even notice that you’re actually doing a sport!



Now this is a big shocker: canoeing makes you burn about 319 calories an hour, give or take a few. Here’s how it happens: you paddle down the river with your canoe while admiring the exquisite sights, the bright blue sky, the fish and the trees… and meanwhile, you’ve just burned 319 calories. That escalated quickly!