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PIKD your art piece


PIKD your art piece

Pikd is the new top destination for art and design lovers. Founded by Randa Missir, Pikd brings together internationally renowned artists in a contemporary gallery. Randa Missir has set a high bar for the objects she wants collectors, architects and art lovers to put out in their homes and projects. Pikd showcases exclusive pieces from unique ceramics sculpture to one of a kind handmade porcelain from around the world. Highly refined and seriously seductive, Pikd pieces reveal works of art by Steen Ipsen, Turi Heistekberg, Alexa Lixfield, Dorothe Loriquet,  Roger Coll, to name a few....

To make the most of your interior today, you can Pik your favorite art piece by visitingPikd in Foch Street, venice building, downtown Beirut or follow Pikd @pikd.pieces on Instagram.