Over the knee boots

The new trend

Helena Saadeh


Over the knee boots


Chic and comfy, those Fendi shoes seem to fit in with all your outfits. They seem great to walk in and the will sure keep you ahead of your fashion game.


This one is for the fashion queens. It takes a lot of course to rock these Gucci shoes but if you do that, you’ll win yourself a ticket to the VIP section of the fashionistas.

MM6 Maison Margiela

Don’t you want to buy these shoes immediately? They look fab and sexy. The leather and its sparkly texture will keep you standing all night long showing your amazing shoes.

Unravel Project

Valentine’s is knocking on the doors, you better be prepared. Look at the heels of the wide elephant over the knee boots. Get ready to attract as many gentlemen as you possibly could.

Isabel Marant

Earthly textures are so in, and Isabel Marant made sure you got the best possible combination between style and color. These boots are to die for and #1 is the fashion list!