The summer 2019 diet you need

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Helena Saadeh


The summer 2019 diet you need

New food trend for 2019, the Pegan diet promises a return to the sources of food. Inspired by two diets, it combines tge vegetarian diet, but adding a small dose of animal protein. A simple reduction in animal protein intake, which is not so bad because we consume today beyond our needs, and an increase in intake in fruits and vegetables is an ideal alternative for anyone who can not yet completely ban meat from their plates and make an eco-friendly gesture. The idea of ​​the Pegan diet is not to deprive the body, but to rebalance the diet to stabilize its weight in the long term.
How to do it? The meat should not represent more than 25% of the weekly consumption, and should preferably be lean (chicken, turkey, white fish ...). Fruits and vegetables represent 75% of the plate. The plants are seasonal, local and rich in fiber to allow sustainable digestion and avoid fatty snacks. Banish dairy products, white sugar, industrial dishes, and even soy. Good luck!