Cardio Exercises at Home to burn Fat

No Equipment needed!

Vanessa Haber


Cardio Exercises at Home to burn Fat

You can workout wherever you want, at home, outside or in the gym... No more excuses, and let’s start doing some daily exercises to prepare your body for summer. It’s not too late.

Today we will show you some cardio exercises that will help you burn fat, strengthen the heart muscle, and relieve stress and anxiety. You can do the following exercises on a daily basis without using any equipment.

But before you start cardio exercises, do some warm-up exercises, such as walking or running around, for at least 30 seconds. Each exercise can be done in several reps.





  • From a standing position, shift weight into left foot and reach right hand down to the floor.
  •  Keep your torso should be parallel to the floor and right arm extended straight out at shoulder height.
  • Push through left foot to jump laterally to the right, while switching arms to land with right foot planted, left leg bent and hovering behind right, and left fingers touching the ground.
  • Continue for 30 seconds.



Jumping Squats



  • Start in a squat position with butt back, thighs parallel to floor, back flat, and arms bent with fists up at chin height.
  • Push through feet and extend arms and legs to jump up off the ground. You can also do it while turning 180 degrees in a squat position facing the opposite direction.
  • Continue with this exercise for 30 seconds.



Mountain Climbers



  • Start in a plank position with hands below shoulders.
  • Bend right leg and pull right knee towards left arm. Reverse the movement to return to plank position, then repeat with the other leg.
  • Keep going for 30 seconds.



Lateral High-Knees


  • Start standing on left leg with knee slightly bent.
  •  Step right foot out and down to the floor while picking left knee up to hip height and switching arm positions.
  • Continue alternating feet while moving to the right keeping your knees high every time.
  • Keep doing it for 30 seconds.