Abeer Nehme Carries Hopefulness in her New Release

Written and composed by Al-Rahbanis

Vanessa Haber


Abeer Nehme Carries Hopefulness in her New Release

“Music is much more than entertainment, as it is every human’s friend that accompanies him through thick and thin. This song is about humanity through which I want to send a positive message especially during the difficult times we are going through right now. Even if life gets hard sometimes, there’s always hope in the end. The will of life always wins thanks to our determination and positive energy, a new dawn awaits us. The artist’s feelings cannot be isolated from what’s going on around him, thus, he needs to translate everything he experiences through his works. "

With this message, the artist, Abeer Nehme, chose to release her new song “Haidi El Deni”, produced by Universal Music MENA.



" Haidi El Deni" is a classical pop song, written by Ghadi Al-Rahbani and composed by Osama Al-Rahbani.

Abeer expressed her great pleasure of cooperating with the second generation of Al- Rahbani family, this honorable family that simulates the audience from generation to generation. She described music composer Osama Rahbani as one of the most important musicians in the Arab world. He’s someone who has its own musical identity and creative artistic spirit.

She continued:

"I waited a long time to do this cooperation with Osama, whom I always felt that an intellectual and human harmony unite us. He is one of a kind artist, working only with few voices. As for Ghadi Al-Rahbani, he is a great artist, he wrote the song smoothly and simply existential lyrics. "


Osama Rahbani said: "I am very keen on my choices, and I was encouraged by this cooperation because I am confident that Abeer will faithfully transmit my music and preserve its artistic value, as it is one of the rare voices in the Arab world, in terms of strength, presence and performance. "

"Haidi El Denii" music video was filmed before lockdown under the direction of Jil El-Ghobry in exceptional circumstances that required working in a fast pace to finish the filming and deliver the message of the song as soon as possible.

 The song " Haidi El Deni " is now available on all international music platforms, while the music video is only available on Abeer Nehme’s channel on Vevo app.