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Why Do Couples Look Alike Throughout the Years?

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Vanessa Haber


Why Do Couples Look Alike Throughout the Years?


Have you ever noticed a link between the number of years the couple spent together and how similar they look? No wonder that every couple has a lot in common, and this includes some features, to the extent that people may mistake them for being siblings and not a married couple

It may sound a little strange, but in reality psychology has the answer to this question: Why are long-term couples look like each other?


A Sign of happy marriage

In a study conducted by American social psychologist Robert Zanjonc, he compared pictures of couples on their wedding day with those taken 25 years later. As a result, the research found that even if the husband and wife did not have any similarities in facial features, 25 years later they looked surprisingly alike. He also concluded that when the couple is happily married, they are more likely to look alike.


Common experiences

Another reason on why couples look alike; experiences and common challenges that they go through together during their marriage, whether they were good or bad experiences, affect on how they look. Everything they go through together as a couple affects their body language and emotional state, which makes them look alike, even wrinkles may appear in the same places.


Attracted to someone who looks like us

Some psychological studies proved that we are more attracted to people who simply look like us or our parents. According to this theory, people who share similar face features are attracted to each other. This is because when your partner’s face looks familiar, you are more attracted to him.


Common body language

Couples, who are in tune with each other, often reflect their mutual habits and body language. It shows that there's emotional comfort and trust in their relationship. Sometimes the couple may not have similar features, but the same way of smiling or gazing, thanks to their common body language, especially if they’ve been together for a long time. Scientists state that spouses tend to change their own habits throughout their married life. If one wants to quit smoking and starts eating healthy food, the other will do the same.


There is no doubt that you noticed couple similarities before, especially regarding celebrities couples, so here are some pictures of celebrities who look alike in a strange way:

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds


Couretney Cox and Johnny McDaid


Giselle Bundchen and Tom Brady


Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber


JLo and Alex Rodriguez


Will Smith and Jada Pinkett


Nancy Ajram and Fadi Al-Hashem