Is The “French” Manicure Still In Style?

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Is The “French” Manicure Still In Style?

The French manicure that was once the most wanted in the 1990s has become outdated. What happened?


Commonly widespread in the 1990s, the French manicure established itself as the trendiest option, attracting both businesswomen and future brides. But in recent years, this nail polish style that is actually American not French as its name says, is no longer popular nor wanted.

“In the salon or on fashion shoots, there has clearly been less demand for this nail polish technique these two to three years” explains Julie Villanova, who works for the Simone beauty application.

This happened despite all the attempts to make its comeback, eventhough it was spotted on the influential sisters Gigi and Bella Hadid.

It must be said that this fine white line is no longer sophisticated. The fault is that ambassadors of this technique haunted TV shows (Paris Hilton for example) rather than Hollywood red carpets. “It is true that this option has become very stereotypical in particular because it was put forward by personalities who are simply not a reference. Like Melania Trump for example” analyzes the manicurist. So should we announce the end of what made our nails happy for almost two decades?


French nail polish with a twist

“We can say goodbye to the classic white French. The technique is returning, but this time customers opt for reverse French and color variations, whether in a pastel shade or even in fluorescent tones” notes Marie Sasso, director of the Gloss'Up salon in Paris.

And for fans of manicured nails in a very natural spirit? "If the French is back, it's in a much less assertive version: it is worn very thin and with a nude nail polish which will reduce luminosity", adds Julie Villanova who recommends for her part to adopt it on short nails that have been given a rounded square shape.


Neat nails without French?

The two experts agreed that the secret behind beautiful nails is hydration (the contour of the nail and the nail itself) with an oil, such as castor oil. “We then opt for a powder pink nail polish to give a shiny effect. It is less risky than a strong color that will leave marks” recommends Marie Sasso. A bit like the no-make-up technique, something very natural and discreet that will give clean and clear nails.

With the same vibe, future brides who are in search of a perfect nail polish color to compliment their photos while exchanging wedding rings, have found an alternative: the "baby boomer". It’s a French in gradient combining white or beige and pink colors. "It's the new French that plays more on a fade effect than on a game of contrast" explains the director of the Gloss'Up salon based on rue Charlot.



And for those who opt for something more special and original, “We have had a lot of nail art requests over the past year, especially from younger customers,” says Marie Sasso. But when it comes to future brides, this becomes a personal choice.  “In any case, they rely more on graphic and discreet details” concludes Simone's manicure, far from the option chosen by Lily Allen during her wedding, nail-art featuring hearts, spotted during her wedding ceremony in Las Vegas.