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4 Must-watch Inspiring Women Empowering Documentaries

Christina Jaber


4 Must-watch Inspiring Women Empowering Documentaries

Most of what we see in media today is just not really in favor of our mental health, because we are living in a world where women still have to fight for their basic rights in many countries, and are still suffering from oppression, discrimination, inequality, harassment and much more.

So we thought, why not get some motivation and watch iconic documentaries and learn about some strong and empowered women stories that inspire us and warm our hearts?

Here’s our little list of the girl-power documentaries we recommend.


Miss Representation

This 2011 documentary speaks the truth out. It focuses on how the mainstream media and culture, both make women think that beauty is the right measurement to evaluate their worth, rather than their ambition, character, achievements, goodness… Katie Couric, Rachel Maddow, Condoleeza Rice, Gloria Steinem and others discuss sexism in American society and the media in this must-watch documentary.

Here’s the trailer, and the documentary is available on Netflix.






Vessel is a 2014 multi-national documentary film written and directed by Diana Whitten, focusing on the work of Women on Waves, a Dutch non-governmental organization, that brings reproductive health services, particularly non-surgical abortion services and education, to women in countries with restrictive abortion laws. Learn more about the topic and how strong and bold women are supposed to empower and stand by each other to fight for gender equality and ultimate rights.

Here’s the trailer, and this thought-provoking documentary is available on Amazon.





Half The Sky

A multi-part documentary series based on the bestselling book by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn. As it tells the story of an oppressed woman and how she turned that oppression into opportunity. The documentary definitely shows how women could lose most of their rights during the journey and how shaping a woman because of her actions can be so wrong.

Here’s the trailer, and you can watch this documentary on Amazon.





The Women’s List

This documentary focuses on 15 women’s exceptional achievements, struggles and identities. Every single trailblazer, each in her field, they share their experiences struggling and overcoming discrimination and challenges to make their voices heard and their influence felt. The Women’s List will not only motivate you, but it will give you ultimate life lessons.

Here’s the trailer, and you can watch The Women’s List on Netflix.