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Velour Tracksuits Are Making Their Comeback With A Vengeance

Here is how to wear them in 2020

Hanane Tabet


Velour Tracksuits Are Making Their Comeback With A Vengeance

Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are bringing back the velour tracksuit. This comfy velvet staple was not only a major trend of the 2000s, it was also a status symbol and a luxurious take on loungewear. Celebrities such as Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie were often spotted wearing these iconic two-pieces, by one of the most desirable brands back then, Juicy Couture.




And since this year was all about staying home and comfortable fashion, it was very normal and only a matter of time till velour tracksuits made their comeback, and even more normal that a 2000s iconic pair announces this return: Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton. How? They partnered to launch a Skims’ (Kim Kardashian’s loungewear and undergarment label) velour range. And for the campaign, the duo recreated a famous photo the paparazzi snapped in 2006 while they were flaunting their silver and gold Louis Vuitton monogram Miroir Alma bags and their flip phones.






The good news is that these athleisure sets are styled in a cool and chicer way this season, and proof is Russian Model Irina Shayk, whose latest comfy looks are goals. The Skim’s’ velour tracksuit was on a whole different level in Irina’s look, because she turned the comfy and sporty garment into classy and elegant. How? Forget the UGG boots that were often paired with the velour tracksuit back in the 2000s, grab your favorite knee-high boots and tuck the velour joggers under them, add a little chic shoulder bag and you’re all set.





The other good news is that velour tracksuit pants come (thank God) with higher waist this season, making them more flattering and certainly more elegant. Even though nostalgia, due all the anxiety and the stress caused by the coronavirus pandemic, is hitting hard enough to cause a 2000s fashion revival, brands and designers made sure to bring this Noughties trend in the present by giving the velour tracksuit a more contemporary feel.






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