Jennifer Lopez Reveals Unicorn Barbie Hair

And the photo is going viral

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals Unicorn Barbie Hair

At the end of 2020, Jennifer Lopez surprised her fans with two new hairstyles, including a new statement color. But don’t worry, they are temporary hair experiments, for the needs of her latest clip.


This is one of the most drastic hair changes in Jennifer Lopez's career. In her beauty choices, the singer has always stuck to her great classics: long wavy hair, tanned skin and nude lips. But at the end of 2020, JLo, who will not fail to surprise us month after month, unveils a brand new hairstyle, which made her look unreal. A change and not the least since it is a coloring mixing mauve, purple and pink tones. It was her hairdresser, Chris Appleton, who revealed the new hairstyle, in a snapshot posted on his Instagram account on December 26.



Dressed in a futuristic outfit worthy of a sci-fi movie and makeup in purple eye shadow to match her hair, the "Unicorn Baby," as her legendary hairstylist called her, looks unrecognizable.

In another post published the same day, Chris Appleton shows the singer wearing an ultra-sleek platinum blonde bob, decorated with a floral design on the side of her head and wearing a white dress that leaves her shoulders bare.



However, no worries for the fans of her long golden hair because this new color will only be temporary. The singer dyed her hair for the needs of her new music video, "In the morning". She also published an extract on Friday, December 25 in the morning, on her Instagram account. Her own way of delighting her fans and giving her 136 million followers a gift for Christmas.