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Tiffany & Co.’s Most Expensive Jewelry Design Will Feature an 80-Carat Diamond

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Tiffany & Co.’s Most Expensive Jewelry Design Will Feature an 80-Carat Diamond

A fabulous center stone is there to reproduce the curves of the masterpiece necklace that the New York house presented in 1939 at the New York World's Fair.

As the incredible merger of Tiffany & Co with the LVMH group is getting completed at the start of the year, the house is moving away from the headlines for a while to rediscover the softness and charm of its past. In the New York house’s archives, we find one of the most spectacular pieces of its golden age, less publicized than the house’s yellow diamond certainly, but just as impressive since it is the necklace that had symbolized the Universal Exhibition of New York in 1939. An extraordinary set adorned with an aquamarine with a deluge of very Art Deco carats which the house had titled “Dawn of a New Day”, without knowing then that it will be the last strong moment of a crazy creative decade that would soon enter the torments of war.

All that was missing was the center stone to bring this past treasure back to life. It is now a done-deal since the New York house has just got its hands on a rare 80-carat D-color oval-cut specimen. A feat signed by Victoria Reynolds, Chief Gemologist of Tiffany & Co, who has applied for this stone the same ethical traceability policy at the center of the house for some time now, which will now join the Tiffany workshops to be finally unveiled for all to see in 2022, the day when the legendary store on Fifth Avenue will finally have a makeover.