Hand Sanitizers that’ll keep your hands moisturized

Christina Jaber


Hand Sanitizers that’ll keep your hands moisturized

We can’t deny the fact that we are living in a “sanitizing” era, where sanitizing our hands is so essential and important. However, we all felt the dryness in our hands hours or days after using the sanitizers (whether gel or spray), but we’re done with it, so we looked for sanitizers that have 3 important characteristics: sanitizes, softens and moisturizes, and here are the editor-approved and tested products that will prevent you from harmful formulas.


Stress Check Clean Hands Gel – Thisworks

This moisturizing formula helps to ensure that your hands are kept clean, boasting a 70% purifying Alcohol content and antibacterial properties. Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid acts as a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin.






Clean Hands moisturizing antibacterial spray – BIBY Beauty

It’s a 100%Vegan and cruelty-free sanitizing spray that’ll keep your hands soft and moisturized. It kills any harmful bacteria.




Inlé Soft Hand Cleansing Gel – Memo Paris

The Hand Cleansing Gel from Memo Paris is the perfect way to refresh and purify the skin. The gentle formula will keep your hands moisturized and soft.




Hand Sanitizer - skinChemist

The gentle yet results-driven hand sanitizer is designed to clean and refresh without stripping away natural moisture. Enhanced with hydrating properties, the alcohol-infused hand gel aims to keep skin calm, comfortable and clarified after every use.




Bergamot and Jasmine Hand Wash – Espa

A luxurious blend of 100% natural, pure essential oils from bergamot and jasmine, delicately perfumes your hands with a citrusy-floral scent. Kind to all skin types, the soap-free formula leaves your hands feeling soft and free from bacteria.