Middle-Eastern dramas on Netflix to add to your watch-list

Christina Jaber


Middle-Eastern dramas on Netflix to add to your watch-list

A night-in with some pop corn and coziness is everything we need this time of the year, especially with many of us still in lockdown. And while we gave you some of the best foreign movies and series to watch on Netflix this month, it’s time you give a shot to some Arabic movies and series. Here’s our list.



1. Series: The Confrontation

This one-season series is about a woman who is facing sleep paralysis and begins a complicated relationship with the director of a media company, whose colleagues conspire against him.




2. Series: What If?

It’s definitely an emotional and dramatic show, where four individuals at a crossroads in life are given the chance to take one of two paths, and they have to decide the best road for them.




3. Movie: Bel Ghalat

Connected through Whatsapp, a group of friends launches an online business targeting cheaters when one of them becomes suspicious of his own fiancée.




4. Series: The Magician

After a chance encounter, a modern DJ gets roped into the affairs of an upper-class woman who suspects that her husband is unfaithful.




5. Movie: Ahwak

A plastic surgeon’s plan to leave his single life behind and propose to a nice young woman upended when he falls in love with her mother.




6. Series: The Children Of Adam

Amid crime and corruption, the lives of two couples intertwine as unexpected events soon reveal their dark secrets and tainted pasts.