I’m so anxious!

... but you can overcome it

Janine Ayoub


I’m so anxious!

Feeling anxious about losing your job, your man, failing your exams, waiting for your blood test results... this is normal fear, even natural.
But what is the difference between anxiety and panic attack? Anxiety is a natural phenomenon, often described as a psychological defense mechanism that protects us from a more serious imbalance.
However, fear is not always justified and when this anxiety prevents you from even living your life normally, you might have a real anxiety problem.
Too often anxiety is radically treated as a disease by antidepressant or psychotropic. But by hiding the symptoms, we are only burying an even greater risk of suffering that can arise at any moment of weakness.


The origins of anxiety

Childhood is a period that marks our personality and psychological state throughout our lives. Childhood trauma can often be the cause of anxiety.
A strict education for example where the child has lived several scenes of humiliation may increase the risk of becoming an anxious adult who gets worried in front of any situation. Anxious parents, therefore, lead to the development of anxiety in children.


What are the symptoms of anxiety?

Psychologically speaking, an anxious person experiences a sense of fear and anxiety that disrupts his concentration. Physically speaking, the most frequent symptoms related to anxiety are palpitations, breathing difficulty, abdominal pain, sweating, hot flashes, shaky legs...


How can we calm our anxieties?

Yoga, meditation and personal development largely contribute to restore your way of thinking and your sense of happiness and peace.
Ask for professional help if needed or tell a friend; a loved one can still help you out of this anxiety bubble.