5 Hijabi Women Instagram Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

Breaking all the stereotypes

Christina Jaber


5 Hijabi Women Instagram Accounts You Should Follow ASAP

Hijabi women have been breaking every stereotype they’re labeled with and are proving their strengths, capabilities, and are making their dreams come true, each of them becoming an inspiration to young hijabis, worldwide. From fashion and beauty gurus, to sports enthusiasts on to ballet dancers, meet 5 hijabi women you should follow on Instagram for a dose of inspiration and positivity.


Stephanie Kurlow - Ballerina

Credited as being the world’s first Hijabi Ballerina, the Russian-Australian ballerina dancer is, with no doubt, a role model for every Muslim woman worldwide. After launching a funding campaign to raise money for a school that has ballet classes and that is full-time educational at the same time, she started catching attention and her story was spread worldwide. Despite all the downs she faced in the ballet industry (most of them because of her hijab), she stayed focused on her goal and has already presented many elegant shows. She also took part in the the tV show The Wiggles. For her, faith and confidence are keys to success.



Junaynah El Guthmy - Model

Once you go to this young Yemeni-Kenyan model’s Instagram account, you are welcomed by her bio: “A modest perspective based on experience not a google search on Middle Eastern culture”.

And yes, that’s how this hijabi young woman is.

El Guthmy,  after her ambassadorship for Puma Middle East, became the influencer and model of the region. The UAE-nased model, with her creative and aesthetic style, directed a creative shoot for GQ Middle East. In addition, this young law graduate is being featured in campaigns for rising regional brands like The Giving Movement. She’s sure to catch the attention of global fashion rulers really soon.



Khadijah Safari - kickboxer

Blackbelt kickboxer and Safari MMA founder, Khadijah Safari is a successful strong hijabi woman who spreads this message to all her women out there: “You can do it!”. She won several awards and always encourages women to go for sports, not only to lose weight but to defend themselves and develop their strengths.



Amy Roko - Comedian

Comedian, actor, writer, creative director and comedian Amy Roko is a Saudi artist who uses a fake name and the niqab to hide her real identity. She’s famous for the comedy videos she usually shares on Instagram with her 1.5 million followers, most of them criticizing the Arab societies and mentalities. Not only she’ll prove to you how fierce and empowered an Arab Hijabi woman can be, she’ll also spread her dose of positivity and passion for life.



Dalal Al Doub - Fashion and Beauty influencer

Fashion and beauty influencer and blogger Dalal Al Doub has more than 2 million followers on Instagram with whom she shares her fashion and makeup tips. What we love about her is her passion on one side and her daring vibes on another, especially when it comes to makeup, she has no fears and she’s always setting trends and delivering the chicest styles. She’s one of the most prominent Arab names in the fashion and beauty industry.