Review: I Bought A New Smartphone On ZoodMall

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Christina Jaber


Review: I Bought A New Smartphone On ZoodMall

It’s a ZoodMall era! Definitely. The most popular mobile-based application enables you to shop without hassle as it is extremely easy to use and safe, helping you save money and time.

The genius shopping app that is at the forefront of technology is one to appreciate during the economic hardships Lebanon is going through, especially because it’s providing great deals, and you’ll be able to pay in Lebanese pound and receive your orders in no time.


Moreover, their latest collaboration got me all hyped up: The ZoodMall x Samsung. The exclusive and limited-time offer will enable you to purchase a Samsung smartphone and pay it 6 installments in Lebanese pound through the ZoodPay "Buy now and pay later" solution, with 5 types of Samsung smartphones: Galaxy A12, A02S, A11, A31 and A51.


The purchase is done online in a few minutes with no documents required, and no bank visit.


Not missing out on such an offer is exactly what I did and I finally ordered my Galaxy A31, the one I had on my wishlist.

So come with me on a journey to own a brand new Samsung Galaxy and learn how to get yours in few and easy steps.


Step 1: Download the ZoodMall application, if you are not already one of the app’s 100 million users.


Step 2: Open the app and select the Phone and Accessories category.


Step 3: Choose ‘smartphones’.


Step 4: Select Samsung Galaxy A31.


Step 5: Select the color (I chose Navy blue).


Step 6: Press pay in 6 installments with ZoodPay.


Step 7: Select the payment method (for me it’s cash on delivery). You can also pay by debit or credit card, but make sure your card is in Lebanese currency.


Step7: Enjoy your smartphone !


ZoodMall Steps

Step 1 and 2


ZoodMall Steps

Step 3


ZoodMall Steps

Step 4 and 5


ZoodMall Steps

Step 6 and 7