Vilebrequin presents its Christmas specials for father and sons



Goodbye to ties, suits and raincoats! Ciao to the chores of daily life! In the holiday kingdom, all is sunny and dandy.

The impish, offbeat prints of the Winter Suns collection plunge us into the magic of a Christmas where all our wildest dreams can come true: surfing over land and sea, twisting and twirling on ice caps as if they were skating rinks, flying far, far away on a sleigh, enjoying summer vacation in the heart of winter, or dreaming of skiing in the height of summer…

White  bunnies  with  blue shades  snow-jumping  as if they  were  riding  the  waves, bears  playing  games, snowmen  just  as  we  imagined  them  when  we  were  kids… Each and every item of this collection speaks to the child within.

Perhaps  that’s the greatest  luxury  of all: learning  to let go, if only for a week or so...

Discover  our new Winter Suns collection with the Bears on Ice - a charmer,  a joker and a iceskater, Snowboard Bunnies – surf’s up, and the Christmas print - in the land of our childhood!