Everything You Need To Know about Curtain Bangs

Christina Jaber


Everything You Need To Know about Curtain Bangs

Want and need them but no but yes! This is exactly my situation with the curtain bangs. I know how they are able to accentuate my looks and make me look the trendiest, but there’s always this “I want a classic haircut” vibe in my head. So I did the whole research and brought to you everything you need to know about curtain bangs if you’re living the same dilemma. And believe me after reading the whole thing, you’d want them more than ever. 

Say hello to the newest, trendiest and celebrity-approved hairstyle. 


What are curtain bangs?

They’re fun, they don’t sit exactly on your forehead (since the hot weather is around the corner) and they’re taking you looks on a trip into the 60s and 70s. It’s the fringe that starts at the middle of your hairline, in the middle parting and gets down until your ears in a very spontaneous manner. 


When did they come back to the scene? 

Hairstylists all agree that this hairstyle made its comeback during lockdown because everyone needed some change in their hair routines. 


Why do we want the curtain bangs not another fringes style? 

Simply because the curtain bang demands less commitment than the full blunt bangs. First, you can leave you curtain bangs spontaneously natural without having to put heat on them, and second the curtain fringe is less heavy and more fun, in addition to the fact that it’s longer than the usual bangs so growing it back is definitely easier. 

And if you’re still operating some zoom meetings straight from home, curtain bangs will be the fresh and elevated style with zero effort you’ll be wishing for. 


Brigitte Bardot - Curtain Bangs


Did celebrities opt for it? 

Iconic and well-known for this hairstyle is French actress Brigitte Bardot who definitely set the tune for the curtain bangs in the sixties and seventies. However, we wouldn’t be talking about the trend right now if our favorite trendsetters did not hop on it and revived it. 


American super model Gigi Hadid opted for the cutrtain bangs with a high bun and some baby hair all over. 



We can say Jennifer Lopez is the queen of curtain bangs. She looks flawless and definitely young and fresh with this haircut. 



Performer, dancer and social media star Jayme Jo Massoud has the curly bouncy bangs and we love them. Who said you can’t have bangs when you have a curly hair? 



Priyanka Chopra rocks her curtain bangs with an up-do.