J Lo Appears after Her Split from Alex Rodriguez

And no! We did not Miss Out On The Revenge Hair

Christina Jaber


J Lo Appears after Her Split from Alex Rodriguez

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez officially called it quits. 

The couple who realized they are better as friends is definitely on everyone’s radars, their fans, paparazzi, the media and nearly every single person on this planet. 

And since we’re all aware now that every move the two of them does counts, especially the first interview, the first Instagram post, the first appearance after the split… It’s clear that singer and actor Jennifer Lopez is doing great in that matter. With her sexy, fierce, and cute selfies on Instagram, J Lo seems to be hopping on the “Revenge Dress” trend Lady Diana launched in the 1994, except that a 90’s impeccable hairstyle was enough for the singer. 


Jennifer Lopez appeared with her mixed brown and blonde hair locks in the backseat of the car, smiling as if nothing happened and she’s at zero-care level. The blowout she opted for is definitely timeless and classic and made her look elegant, sexy and fun. 



J Lo is definitely playing the game right with her Instagram posts, so has Alex Rodriguez been going crazy over missing her? Or what? 

The former Yankees star was photographed for the first time on Sunday April 18, while stepping off of a private plane in Hartford, Conn., where he appeared to be heading to work at ESPN's nearby studio. He’s probably business-focused now, he’ll check your selfies later JLo!