6 Stylish And Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Eid Al Fitr

Christina Jaber


6 Stylish And Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Eid Al Fitr

We definitely started our preparations for Eid Al Fitr.

Yes, we’re busy finding the perfect staycation deals for the Eid weekend, but we are never too busy to look our best during the holidays, so we’ve been doing our Instagram round to find the perfect hairstyles that’ll make our looks stand up.

If you’re searching for some inspiration, we have rounded up 6 hairstyles that are easy, head-turning and effortless from your favorite Instagram stars.


The wet look by Nathalie Fanj

Lebanese blogger Nathalie Fanj went edgy with her pulled back wet look inspired by Kendall Jenner. Two things make this hairstyle our favorite, first because it makes the woman look confident and noticeable and second because it works on all types of hair. All you have to do is straighten your hair and pull it back with hair serum, oil or cream (whichever works for you). Our Tip: Wear a pair of statement earrings for extra glam.



The half ponytail by Fouz Al Fahad

Kuwaiti Influencer The Real Fouz (on Instagram) opted for a half ponytail with perfect voluminous and curly hair. We loved the locks she left flowing on her face spontaneously to make the look more casual chic. Opt for some minimal accessories to keep everyone’s attention on your hairstyle.



The hair accessories by Al Anoud Al Saud

If you’re a lover of head pieces and you’re planning on putting one for your Eid al Fitr look, then this style by the Saudi actress Al Anoud Al Saud is definitely your go-to. Middle parting with a silver shiny floral band is all you need for a princess style.



The ponytail by Jessica Kahawaty

A ponytail can be a casual hairstyle but it will be the glamorous hairstyle for Eid El Fitr, if you choose to get inspired by Jessica Kahawaty’s chic ponytail. The Lebanese-Australian model and former beauty pageant looked flawless in a sleek mid-ponytail.



The Hollywood retro look by Rawan Bin Hussein

Kuwaiti-Palestinian entrepreneur and influencer with more than 5 million followers on Instagram donned a glamorous Eid hairstyle. She pulled her hair on one side with elegant and soft waves, looking feminine and classy. Few little accessories will highlight the look.



The curtain bangs by Nour Al Ghandour

Egyptian TV presenter and actress Nour Al Ghandour, with 5 million followers on Instagram embraced the bangs hairstyle. She went for curtain bangs on her forehead with a classic straight long hair, minimal but attractive.