New Netflix Movies Coming in June 2021

Christina Jaber


New Netflix Movies Coming in June 2021

The fact that lockdowns are over doesn’t mean no more cozy Netflix nights. 

In fact, this is giving us nostalgia about the lockdown period, when Netflix used to keep running all day long, but hell no we don’t want that to be back!

Since some really good movies are dropping on Netflix in June, we thought we’d brief you on 4 of our favorites, so when your movie night is on you’ll have some really worthy options. 


Carnaval – dropping on the 2nd of June

Yes, we all want to party, so we’re definitely watching this new Netflix movie so we can learn how to do it again since we’re back to reality. If you’re looking for a comedy, vibrant and youthful movie, Carnaval is dropping on the second of June. Influencer Nina discovers that her boyfriend is cheating on her so she takes off to Bahia, Selvadore with her three best friends and that’s where she learns that life isn’t all about Instagram likes. 

Get a chilling night with some party vibes. 




Awake – dropping on the 9th of June 

This upcoming American science fiction action film will be released on Netflix on June 9.

If you’re looking for a tale that’ll keep you up all night, then this one’s for you. Netflix's upcoming thriller is all about the world ending, while Gina Rodriguez (Jill in the movie) tries to keep herself and her kids alive among a population crazed from sleep deprivation, until she realizes she might have the key to the survival of human race. All this through her teen daughter who’s the only one able to still sleep. 




Skater Girl – Dropping on the 11th of June 

Prerna, an Indian girl discovers her passion for skateboarding, and that’s when her whole life changes. 

If you’re one who enjoys uplifting stories, then this movie is all yours, just grab your popcorn. The trailer is inspirational but also A LOT of fun.

While adults see this new activity dangerous and only dedicated to boys, Prerna is left with a difficult choice of conforming to society’s expectations of her living out her dream of competing in the National Skateboarding Championships.  




Xtreme – Dropping on the 4th of June

If you love action thrillers and fast-paced movies then you’ll probably enjoy Xtreme, or Xtremo in Spanish. This 1h 52 minutes Barcelona-set movie is all about a retired hitman, who after the murder of his son and his father, sets in motion a carefully crafted revenge plan against the killer: his own brother. Are you ready for some suspense? Not going to burn the story for you but you’ll love it.