The Trendiest Hair Accessories For Summer 2021

Christina Jaber


The Trendiest Hair Accessories For Summer 2021

With the hot weather officially underway, and weekends well-planned, fun accessories become the perfect finish to you looks. Today, we chose hair accessories for many reasons: they will transform your looks in seconds, second they are extremely trendy right now, and they are your best friend when it comes to endless summer heatwaves.

Street style queens and fashion it-girls all invested in some cute headpieces and we're getting inspired by their choices and their hairstyles. 

From scrunchies, to barrettes, to clips and more, discover the season's most beautiful, funky and elegant hair accessories for every style. 


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The Scrunchie 

You probably have at least 2 or 3 from this one, all you have to do is style it the right way. Since the Cord Knot bun is among the easiest and trendiest hairstyles for Summer 2021, then all you have to do is knot it with a scrunchie to add a fun and casual touch for daily looks, and to narrow down the classiness of that bun. 



 Hair Accessories


The Barrette

Yes, I love this accessory and I love it even more when it's a logoed one. This accessory will elevate your look in seconds. Some love to wear a barrette in a simple way, mostly bringing the front locks to the back in a princess hairstyle, while others would love to stack a lot of different barrettes in a funky hairstyle. And guess what? I love both and I'm both women depending on my mood! 



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The Bumpy Headband 

It's the classy accessory making it to our list. The bumpy headband, which popped up in summer 2019 and is still in style, is definitely what elevates a casual look and adds a modern and classy touch. I'd take it to the office and let everyone ask!  



 Hair Accessories


The Scarf 

The classic hair accessory that we can never get enough of. Tie your hair this summer with a knotted and printed headscarf. Choose beautiful colors and prints for a fresh summer look.


Hair Accessories


The Fishnet 

It seems like fishnets are in style this summer. Not only the fishnet shopper bags are on the list, but also the fishnet hair accessories are making it to our accessories wardrobe. 

Cover up your bun with fancy fishnets this summer and you’re definitely attracting attention.