3 Times Yasmine Sabri Rocked the Bun Hairstyle

Farah Fala


3 Times Yasmine Sabri Rocked the Bun Hairstyle

Regardless of your hair length, the bun is one of the most practical hairstyles whether you’re in a hurry, or you have a glamorous event to attend, or if the weather is too hot. Egyptian actress and humanitarian Yasmine Sabri always styles her hair creatively. She varies her hairstyles between straight, curly, buns, and retro looks. Here, are three times the Egyptian star, who made her television debut in 2013, rocked the bun hairstyle on Instagram. Read on to discover our favorite hairdos and try them this summer season. Sure, you will keep a snap of your most-loved hair bun.


The Casual Bun

Though it seems a bit messy, the casual bun is one of the perfect and practical hairstyles for long hair. Brush your hair to the back and tie in the form of a high ponytail, then twist the ends over. You can also leave few loose hairs just like the Egyptian beauty Yasmine Sabri did for this look. As for the makeup, the star with over 8 million followers opted for a soft glam that went well with her beige outfit.




The Sophisticated Bun

It is super feminine and effortlessly chic. The sophisticated low bun is one of the most versatile hairstyles you can wear during the day or with your evening looks. First, part your hair halfway and tie it to the back. Wrap the ends over, and you have got the look. Easy, right? Sure, you too can rock the sophisticated bun like Yasmine Sabri who paired it with a bright red silk dress and bold makeup.




The Cute Bun

This easy summer hairstyle is all you need this season. It is a very simple hair up-do convenient for both long and medium length hair. For cuter vibes, you can try Yasmine Sabri’s way and accessorize it by wrapping a silk scarf around the bun. A black and yellow scarf is colorful enough to elevate the look. Try it your own way by tying your hair back into a high ponytail then twisting it tightly together.