Elie Saab and Urbania: First Ever Elie Saab Branded Residences in Spain

Shining in the Sun of Marbella

Rita Khoueiry


Elie Saab and Urbania: First Ever Elie Saab Branded Residences in Spain

One of Spain's most striking regions, Marbella, is the next destination on ELIE SAAB’s journey. In partnership with Urbania, one of the country’s leading developers, the Brand launches the first ELIE SAAB Villas on the Spanish coasts, on the prestigious Golden Mile.

The five ELIE SAAB villas will be built in one of Marbella's most exclusive residential areas, nestled on a hill from which to enjoy breathtaking panoramic views, surrounded by lush vegetation. A glamorous, refined, intimate world, elegantly designed by Elie Saab. A luxurious lifestyle, evoking an impeccable sense of quality and sophistication. The ELIE SAAB villas have the unrivalled aesthetic touch of ELIE SAAB’s exceptionally crafted interior design using exclusive pieces from the ELIE SAAB Maison collection.

Tomas Gasset, CEO of Urbania said: "It has been clear to us for a long time that the international clientele we address is looking for something even more exclusive and distinctive. Our clients are increasingly knowledgeable, sophisticated, and in need of designs in which they can recognize themselves deeply. It is an honor for Urbania to have formed an alliance with such a prestigious Brand as ELIE SAAB. We are impressed by his stylistic ideal, his concept of elegance and the way these are transferred into his creations. His values are our values. The goal, for both of us, is to create a design that is truly iconic."

Elie Saab Jr, CEO of ELIE SAAB Group, commented: "We are glad to start this new adventure alongside Urbania, a prestigious partner with great experience. Marbella is an evocative location, in which ELIE SAAB arrives with a design that reflects the peculiarities of the location, adapting to its characteristics, responding to the needs of an international clientele that wants something special, unique, but that lives in harmony with the environment. This is one of the strengths of our real estate projects: enhancing the beauty of the places where we arrive and translating the concept of well-being, according to the principles that have always inspired ELIE SAAB creations."

Each of the ELIE SAAB villas, part of a high-security gated community, occupies a total area of about 2,000 m2, half of which are outdoor areas. The exteriors feature an infinity pool from which to enjoy the unlimited view of the sea embracing the sky alongside gardens created in harmony with the surrounding nature and two lounges, one of which is equipped with an elegant and cozy fireplace.

ELIE SAAB’s Interiors are distinguished by the refined elegance, grace and balance of forms and materials, capable of immediately transferring, at first glance, the ideal of beauty proposed by the Brand. Special attention has been given to the finishes, delivering an exceptional level of quality, aesthetic and tactical performance in pure ELIE SAAB Style.

An elevator connects the different floors, from the basement to the top floor, which houses four to five- bedrooms all equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a spacious "walk-in" wardrobe. The ELIE SAAB Maison furniture pieces are in harmony with the generously sized spaces, instantly conveying a sense of balance, peace and at the same time practicality and functionality. The color palette proposes delicate shades of cream and gray enhancing the brightness of the rooms, indulging in the natural light that filters through the large glass surfaces, which frame the beauty of Marbella.

Massimiliano Ferrari, CEO of Corporate Brand Maison comments: “Our goal for the design of the ELIE SAAB Villas in Marbella was to create a style that was able to capture the essence of Marbella and enhance it through unprecedented minimal lines, sophisticated in their simplicity. Special attention was given to the exterior lounge where the newly conceived ELIE SAAB Maison outdoor collection is featured, an absolute preview anticipating its international launch next year. Its been a journey for us, an exploration of a new way of working alongside a very valuable partner, Urbania, who immediately embraced our innovative vision.”