What’s With The Fidget Spinner Craze?

They’re not just toys…


What’s With The Fidget Spinner Craze?

The fidget spinner is all over toy stores, and kids love it! You practically can’t pass by a ten-year-old and not notice this tiny device spinning on his hand. However, some say that this kid’s toy doesn’t only aim to entertain; it can also help with autism, anxiety and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). In fact, many people who suffer from these diseases said that this toy gets them to calm down and it helps them focus by occupying their hands and making stereotypical movements. It’s a “medical miracle” according to some professionals.

However, others are a little sceptic about its impact. University of Wollongong psychology and ADHD expert Dr. Stuart Johnstone said that the spinner “is more of a distraction, and with ADHD your problem is distraction … I’m not sure how the finger spinner fixes that for you.”
Since this toy is new in the market, there are no real studies about its benefits.