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Acne map: What’s causing breakout?

Discover the reason
By Vanessa Haber
02 Apr,2020

Before treating acne problems with skincare products, it’s better to know why they suddenly appeared. Actually, you can know the reason from of breaking out from its place on different areas of the face.


  • Brows

If you don’t wash your makeup off before going to bed, especially your brows, you will probably have acne in that area.

  • Forehead

The common cause of forehead breakout is inconvenient bad hair products. Also, dehydration and over-consumption of processed food, can be a reason behind acne on your forehead.

  • Between the brows

Oil glands in this area might be the cause pf acne breakout. However, it can also be the result of hormonal change, such as pregnancy or periods. 

  • Cheeks

Dirty pillowcases, makeup brushes and even your dirty smartphone might make your skin break out on your cheeks. However, smoking and inflammation of the gums will cause acne on the cheeks as well.

  • Nose

Acne will show up on the nose if you have poor circulation, indigestion, and high blood pressure. Also, dirty makeup sponges can be the reason.

  • Jawline

When you break out on jawline, it means you aren’t absorbing well the nutrients, or you’re overeating, or suffering from liver issues. You better follow a healthy organized diet.

  • Chin

If you’re not digesting food properly, it can show acne on the chin. Also, dehydration might be the result of break out in this area.