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Astrology Beauty: Leo-inspired Makeup Looks

By farah Fala
29 Jul,2021

It’s Leo season! From Kylie Jenner, to Dua Lipa, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lopez, the Leo woman is queenly, strong, passionate, and self-confident. Just like their planet, the Sun. To celebrate the exuberant and wild personalities of Leos, we’ve rounded up with bold and glowing beauty looks. Indeed, Leo-inspired makeup is often associated with bronze hues, cat-eye flicks, shimmery eyeshadow, and bold lipsticks.


The Bronze Hues

As Leo women are self-confident and daring, they reflect their own style with a sun-kissed skin. With a bronze highlighter, particularly, the makeup look would seem glowing especially after some beach-tanning. Orange and gold shades are also skin-perfect.




The Cat-eye Flicks

The cat-eye eyeliner style is bold and dramatic with a black color, though bright ones are also on-trend this summer. Leo celebrities unleashed their inner confidence and creativity when it comes to their makeup looks. From Amy Adams to Jennifer Lopez, most celebs were daring enough to try out the cat-eye eyeliner.  We love how the American actress Sandra Bullock looks pretty in this eyeliner with a slightly smudged flick.




The Shimmery Eyeshadow

Shimmery and glittery eyeshadow is simply perfect for Leo-inspired makeup. Sure, it adds a touch of classiness when matched with a gown having crystals, beads, or Swarovski. It seems dramatic with blonde hair and the bun hairstyle just like the American-based actress and television star Jennifer Lawrence styled her look.  




The Bold Lipstick

Leo-inspired makeup is the sexiest style when it comes to the choice of lipstick. A general rule that most celebrities follow is the bold lipstick. Orange or red-orange would seem perfect on a Leo woman. For this look, the talented Vietnamese makeup artist Patrick Ta chose a soft sun-kissed glow with bold orange lipstick to create a more striking impression. We love how the look is flawless!