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Rihanna Announces Fenty Perfume Dropping Soon

By Christina Jaber
29 Jul,2021

Thanks to Fenty, we will be having a new “sensual, confident yet sexy” fragrance by Rihanna. The Barbadian star never fails to surprise us, and a new perfume is on the way. Keep scrolling for what we know about the new Fenty Parfum so far.

Rihanna does everything differently. The singer, designer, and beauty mogul announced the news on her Fenty Beauty account on Instagram yesterday in a mysterious video we’re still trying to decode.



Yes, we couldn’t be but excited, because she does things her way and we love it. We still remember the Fenty Skin new revival eye cream that brightened our eyes and made them shine. 

Something sensual, sexy and confident. What else do we need more? The video features a shadow of a filled-in perfume bottle with a chill music that makes you wonder even more.


Fenty Perfume


Fenty Perfume


In another post, Rihanna shared some of her fans’ comments wanting to “smell like Rihanna”, and she captioned the little video “The Smell Good y’all have been waiting for!”.

She also announced the ability to get a free sample of Fenty Parfum with every $40+ order on using code ‘FENTY’ at checkout. The offer ends on the 8th of August so hurry up!



This isn't the first step Rihanna takes into the world of perfumes and fragrances. The singer had a collection of 11 perfumes with Parlux fragrance house.

But yes, it’s her first for Fenty and we can’t wait to see/smell what it’s like!


Fenty Perfume