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Chanel Introduces Their New Fall-Winter 2020 Makeup Collection

The Power of Pink
By Christina Jaber
16 Sep,2020

“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself” said Gabrielle Chanel.


The changing face of femininity is something that Gabrielle Chanel understood all too well. And so it was in her own story, the ingénue of the convent orphanage has become the worldly Mademoiselle of Rue Cambon.

Letting character dictate what is seen was a touchstone for Chanel – and similarly for Lucia Pica, Chanel’s Global and Creative Makeup and Color Designer. In the “CANDEUR ET EXPÉRIENCE: ACTE ll” collection, Lucia Pica plays with different ideas of character and femininity mainly through the medium of the color most associated with the gender: pink.




Here, the duality of women and femininity is emphasized, from innocence to experience. Pink is subverted, moving from a petulant innocence to provocation and transgression, travelling away from the merely pretty, to be something far more audacious and radical.

Different forms of femininity are evoked; the sensual, voluptuous and passionate woman metamorphoses from the romantic innocent, while witty and mischievous worldliness point the way to audacity. Here, color connotations shift and change, familiar from the past and yet prescient for today.




This collection takes as its starting point LES 4 OMBRES eyeshadow palette Candeur et Expérience, from LE ROUGE · COLLECTION N°1 of Fall 2016.

Wanting to explore the connotations, concepts and meanings behind the palette further, Lucia Pica builds a whole collection expanding on the themes of this product. From the dewy ingénue pink of the BAUME ESSENTIEL Rosée, to the stark dualities of light and dark femininity in LE VERNIS, the recurring passage from innocence to experience is evoked.


“Really, it’s an inner journey, a journey into the duality of women and femininity” Lucia Pica says.