Amel Bouchoucha

By Janine Ayoub
07 Dec,2018


Spectacular silhouette, luscious lips and warm eyes, all very high perched, Amel Bouchoucha is the outstanding brunette par excellence. But the talented actress with the racy beauty also has a lot of humor and sensitivity.

She has just won the International Achievement Recognition Awards (IARA) as best foreign actress for her role in the Ahl Al Gharam series. She soon finished filming the drama series "Dollar" directed by Samer Al-Barkawi, released in January and in which she gives the reply to Adel Karam. A unique, new and original experience from content to concept. "I found my fifteen minutes of fame in comedy and it became a passion for me that I discovered over time. The more mature I am, the more experience and recognition I get from the public. It's something I will not give up easily, which is why I put all my energy into it. "

At first, Amel Bouchoucha radiates warmth and endearing joviality. I was not surprising for us when we learn that the brown bomb is from the beautiful port city of Oran in Algeria. "As soon as I got up in the morning, I opened my window to contemplate the waves and fill up the calm that emanates from the sea." From her childhood, Amel retains only family happiness, laughter and solidarity in a bond of five siblings of which she is the eldest. "An elixir of joy and happiness," she summarizes as she talks about her youth.

Once the ferry off the ground, Amel goes on a quest for her identity. Routine? she literally ran away from it when she was 18 years old. "I had the curiosity to discover the adult world, to get out of the family cocoon, to enjoy life to the fullest." This obsession with living the unknown, not leading a traditional life haunted her. "I always had this feeling that something was waiting for me somewhere ... when? Where? I do not know. Between a small job and another, Amel dreams of grandeur, glitter and glamor, she who from a young age liked to play the starlet for a song for the national holiday or for religious holidays.

Victory climb

Star Academy has come at the right time. "Maybe it was a new door that could open. Curious and enthusiastic as I am, I thought why not. I am someone who goes through life. Despite the spotlight 24 hours a day, Amel knew in advance that this notoriety was ephemeral. Back in Paris, the beautiful brunette had acquired a certain notoriety, but was still far from her goal. Until the day she receives a call from Lebanon to host a television program. With Top 20 on Rotana, her life will take a decisive turn. Several producers retained her charm and her exotic side, she has since remained in Lebanon.

For this cosmopolitan of nature, living in Lebanon means joining business with pleasure. "I adapt to the environment I live in, I have learned to do this since my youngest age. In Lebanon, the weather is nice, the food is to die for, people like life and at the same time we work hard! "

Lebanon especially allowed her to meet her other half. To found a family, to be crammed was almost improbable for her. "The main reason was that I did not find the right person." Walid Awada, a Lebanese businessman, did not know the actress at their first meeting. "He fell in love with me, the woman I actually was, not the star that people know." In 2015, the couple gets married and two years later, the little Leah was born. If this year, Amel has decided to sign contracts only in Lebanon, it is precisely to no longer have to be absent, even if the pretty brunette is often solicited by producers from all over the Arab world. Her priority, undoubtedly, is her little angel.

Racy beauty

What we perceive in the personality of Amel Bouchoucha is the will, the absolute desire to succeed using her charisma and impressive physique. She is a fan of the beauty of Sophia Loren "she is the iconic woman, the brunette beauty par excellence". Her other beauty icon, Hollywood's favorite blonde, Marylin Monroe "for her small weakness, her childish side, her fragile beauty, half-woman half-child. These two women who are not alike at all give, together, a strand of Amel Bouchoucha. The sweetness of one mingled with the wild beauty of the other, a disconcerting assurance mixed with a little timidity, all this amalgam sums up the person of Amel.

She likes to be pampered. The weekly hammam is a ritual in Algeria for each family. No question of giving up this secret beauty ancestral. "I bring back my products from Algeria and do it at home". Her skin is sacred. She does little makeup, except when she works, for the need of filming. "As soon as I come home I cleanse myself thoroughly and I put my creams and serums".

Her fame, she saw it serenely, without stress or anxiety. "I do not project myself into the future. I always try to calculate my steps well. For now, the lovely Amel is eager to finish her last shoot to spend a couple vacation and get fresh ideas from her family.