Nadine Labaki in South Korea

Capharnaüm is a worldwide hit
By Helena Saadeh
22 May,2019

Lebanese Ambassador to South Korea Antoine Azzam called on Lebanese director Nadine Labaki to watch the film "Capharnaüm" in a special show attended by ambassadors from 31 countries and the Koreans interested in relations with the Arab world at the Sincop House in Quanghamwon, central Seoul. 

After the show, viewers said they "have begun to think about the rights of children, refugees and illegal residents, encouraged and inspired by this film."

The film tells the story of a 12-year-old boy who lives in a refugee camp and addresses issues of poverty, refugees, underage marriages, the role of adults and the state. It is noteworthy that the hero Zain is in fact a Syrian refugee who lived in circumstances similar to the hero of the film, and has participated in the film while working in Beirut to provide a living for his family.

The film's number of viewers exceeded 110,000, and ranked first after the fourth week, among the films on diversity, and is expected to continue its performance after Labaki was nominated for the Foreign Language Film Award as the first Arab director in the history of the Academy Award for Film. Always making Lebanon proud.