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Steps to avoid makeup stains on your hijab

Little steps, big results!
By Christina Jaber
16 Sep,2020

Photo: Dalal El Doub



A common problem is faced by hijabi women on a daily basis, stains on the hijab, and most commonly makeup stains, which are hard to remove and sometimes almost impossible. We feel you, so we gathered some tips and tricks to make your life easier.


Here are some steps to add to your daily makeup routine.

First, tuck your bowed makeup headband tight to your head without leaving spaces between the headband and the hijab, so that all products become on direct contact with the headband, not the hijab!

And since Eco-friendly products always have our attention, we realized that there is a product made especially for this problem. MODEBEAUTYKEEPER is an Emirati product that consists of a fishnet ribbon that clinges arounf the face, taking away any makeup stain that could ruin your hijab. Also, the product comes with 6 extra ribbons and is washable for multiple use. 




Second, switch your daily most probably oily foundation that is more likely to stick to textiles with an oil free foundation or a primer.

Third, once you are finally done applying makeup, do not forget the Make-up fixer to avoid any product’s dissolution when exposed to heat or sunshine.


From us to you:

Yes, we love makeup, and we really believe that some looks are never complete without that glam touch but on a side note, we advise you to avoid layering products over your skin and make sure you usually apply powdery and matt products. So instead of applying the wet contouring, start by letting your skin breath more and apply the powder contouring.