The Emirati series is making a success on Netflix

It is trending
By Hala Fayad
11 Sep,2020

The Platform, the Emirati series was officially launched on Thursday September 4th on Netflix and Abu Dhabi TV, and within few days, the Arabic series was able to be the top trending on Netflix’s search list and series on the platform.






Viewers simply fell in love with “The Platform” series’ story, events and famous Arab actors who starred in the series, such as, Maxim Khalil, Abdul Mohsen Al-Nimr, Motasem Al-Nahar, Samer Ismail among others. One week after its release, the series received positive feedback, as viewers expressed their admiration regarding the series’ scenario and the actors’ performance, saying that the series is on an international level.



Emirati artist Saud Al-Kaabi, starring in the series, expressed his excitement after the success of “The Platform”, he tweeted:

"Thank God ‘The Platform’ is reaching the highest views and topping searches list on Netflix.