The art of fighting

Janine Ayoub


The art of fighting

Conflicts are inevitable when you're in a relationship, but it's mostly the way we argue that says a lot about our love life. Couples that last are those who have learned to communicate and who respect each other. But how do they do it?

1- Identify the problem
No need to flee, avoid or soften an annoying discussion by shedding tears to win the argument against our partner. The dispute will eventually reappear with even more grudges. Telling your fears and expressing your emotions allow the couple to move forward and find solutions to what is wrong.

2- To listen is to respect
"We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak" said Confucius. We all tend to prepare our comeback instead of listening to what our partner says. Let him express what he has in his heart, listen to his emotions to better understand what underlying the conflict is. Hearing the other's point of view is already a first step towards reconciliation.

3- Say no to hurtful words
Violence is not only physical, but it's also moral. Some words can destroy a couple. An argument can escalate so much that it can create permanent wounds. These aggressive and unnecessary words or innuendoes should never be accepted in a relationship. If you're together today it's because you forgave him for what he's done in the past. No need to revive an extinct conflict.

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