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Helena Saadeh



Lana El Sahely

Obviously a Spanish fan, Lana El Sahely had longer hair and more vibrant makeup. Her beauty remains timeless and she only gets more elegant and fashionable.

Gigi Hadid

Same cheekbones and silky hair, Gigi Hadid always had that glowy skin and gorgeous shy look.

Irina Shayk

Can you spot the difference? Because we can’t! Irina Shayk gave us goals on how to stay fabulous even after 10 years.

Karen Wazen

Classy as always, Karen had much longer hair, complemented with the same warm smile which is one of the many things we love about her.

Nour Arida

The good vibes we get from Nour Arida’s 2009 picture is unbelievable. We all can relate to that pose but Nour seems to like switching between short and longer hair.

Bella Hadid

Bella seems to get prettier every year! Her picture from ten years ago is fab, but she looks flawless now with her new look and her new style.