The Princess Diaries 3

Genovia, it’s getting real

Helena Saadeh


The Princess Diaries 3

Plans for The Princess Diaries 3 are on their way to the silver screen and Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews, who played Mia Thermopolis and Queen Clarisse Renaldi in the initial two movies are more ready. In 2017, producer and creator Meg Cabot revealed that she had heard that there was a content for another spin-off. On Bravo's Watch What Happens Live on Thursday, Hathaway, who had her breakout job in the principal motion picture, affirmed this and gave a refresh about the third film's advancement.

"There is a script for the third movie," the actress said, replying to a fan's question. "There is a script. I want to do it, Julie wants to do it, Debra Martin Chase our producer wants to do it. We all really want it to happen." "It's just, we don't want to do it unless it's perfect, because we love it just as much as you guys love it," Hathaway added. "It's as important to us as it is to you and we don't want to deliver anything until it's ready. But we're working on it."