Ideas for valentine’s date in Lebanon

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Helena Saadeh


Ideas for valentine’s date in Lebanon

In a fancy restaurant

This is always a nice and safe option for romantic fancy dates. There is no better way to celebrate the most amazing feeling in the most amazing places! Phoenicia Hotel for instance has wonderful Valentine’s offers that you can take into consideration. Ladies, make sure you wear a sexy yet elegant dress, could be red or dark blue! (don’t forget something sparkly). Gentlemen, a rose would definitely be a plus and this is your time to show your gentleman appeal.

Go for a Picnic

This one is for the fresh and newly in love couples. You can go by the beaches or parks to set you little romantic picnic and chat about little to deep topics. Casual is key and being natural is a way to gain the love and respect of the partner. A little wine with bread and cheese would seal the deal. Girls, don’t overthink it, just be natural and let it be a chance to get to know each other. Boys, this is the time to show your witty and fun side.

Chalet in the mountains

Whether it’s in Faraya, Ehden, or Arez, these mountain villages always have a special night for the occasion. Here’s your chance to cuddle all night long among the snow and the cold. Warm your hearts with a little wine in front of the fireplace and enjoy a snowy Valentine. This is the kind of daring nights where you ask yourself each other questions and play trivia games that end up with you two making out.

Start a new adventure

This one is for the couple who is sick of all the cliché dates and who already know everything about their partner. You can go on a date-adventure you two to Baalbeck, South or North Lebanon, or anywhere new and discover it on your own. This is the best way to make unforgettable memories with the one you love and increase your trust in each other. Tip: always make sure that the adventure is safe and that you took the safety precautions before going.