How to do the 6000 recommended steps while working from home

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How to do the 6000 recommended steps while working from home

At least 6000 steps per day. This is what the Onaps (National Observatory for Physical Activity and Sedentary Lifestyles) recommends to stay in shape. But since the lockdown amid the pandemic and the return to generalized working from home, you move much less. So here are a few tips on how not to let yourself be stuck in a sedentary lifestyle, in which you’re spending most of your time sitting. 

A sports doctor and a cardiologist and nutritionist gave us their advice so you don’t suffer a sedentary lifestyle while you’re working from home.


Keep moving

A sedentary lifestyle is characterized by the time spent sitting while awake. To fight against it, sports sessions are surely recommended, but they are not enough. "Exercising and reducing your sitting time is essential, but they are two separate elements" said Martine Duclos, sports doctor at Clermont-Ferrand University Hospital, and president of Onaps.

Clearly, the most important thing is to move regularly to avoid long periods spent in a sitting position. “The best thing to do is get up every one to two hours and get in motion for one to 2 minutes.” says the doctor. You don’t need to wake up and jump in place every hour, you just need to get in motion, move your legs, get a glass of water, go up the stairs and go down if you can... "In a small space, you can get up from your desk and walk around the room or do exercises on the floor for a few minutes." adds Martine Duclos.


Maintain daily physical activity

It is strongly recommended to practice a daily physical activity, from 30 minutes to an hour. Walking, for example, will make it possible to ensure the 6,000 steps recommended to stay in shape, according to Martine Duclos, "In thirty minutes, we already achieve 4000 to 5000". The ideal is for it to be fast and active and that you sweat a little. “It must also be carried out continuously. After only twenty minutes, the sugar is burnt; later, it's the fats”, informs Frédéric Saldmann, cardiologist and nutritionist. The activity can easily be replaced by 30 minutes of cycling or jogging.

The bike at home is, according to the cardiologist, ideal for moving during lockdown. “You can reply to emails or messages while pedaling during your work day, for example. If you don't have one, you can do 30 minutes of sit-ups on the floor, work your arms with large, filled water bottles that will serve as dumbbells, or do core exercises”.


Boost Your Immune System

Regular movement and sporting activity is essential to strengthen your immune system against all types of diseases.


"We know that if you practice physical activity for 30 minutes a day without stopping, you reduce the risk of cancer, Alzheimer's and cardiovascular diseases by 40%." says Dr Frédéric Saldmann.


Also, to boost your immunity, you should also have a healthy diet and expose yourself to outside light for a few minutes every day.