5 Female Saudi Artists To Know

Christina Jaber


5 Female Saudi Artists To Know

With its national 2030 vision, and with the aim to diversify its oil-based economy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been investing in art, culture, heritage and much more and Saudi women are taking a big part in this. As arts and culture continue taking center stage in the Kingdom, and as Saudi women are increasingly working on leaving their mark in this changing climate, here are 5 women artists to know and appreciate.


Manal AlDowayan



This Saudi Arabian contemporary artist has long invested in interrogating the gender-biased customs that impact the condition of women in Saudi Arabia which she chose to embody throughout her artwork, whether in black-and-white photography, sculpture, video, sound, neon, and large-scale participatory installations. No matter the way, Manal AlDowayan, who holds a Master's Degree in Systems Analysis and Design and a MA in Contemporary Art Practice in Public Spheres from the Royal College of Art in London, never failed to shed light on the Saudi Arabia society, public vs private, traditional vs modern, community vs. world.





Noura Bouzo



Noura is a Saudi artist who won the Arab Woman Award's artist of the year 2015, and who co-founded the first Arts and Culture Magazine in Saudi Arabia when she was only 23 years old and became its creative director. The full-time artist working with mixed media has been noticed lately for her recent work of art “A miniature affair (Af)”, which is a collection of witty paintings and installation pieces that evoke Islamic miniatures and 14th century Islamic objects through today’s materialistic world. Noura, who completed her Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and her MA in the History of Art with an emphasis on Islamic art from the University of London's SOAS, depicts scenes that were based on classical fables and religious stories. You can explore the arabesque vibe through garments of her main characters and through calligraphy and colors.





Ftoon AlThaedi



The Riyadh-based young artist defines herself as a “Multidisciplinary artist, cultural exchange mediator, and youth advocacy enthusiast”. She is a self-taught multidisciplinary artist whose work aims to reduce cultural and generational differences, to address persistent societal issues, and to break stereotypes about Saudi youth. She studied Visual Arts and Design at Princess Nourah Bint Abdulrahman University, she is the curator and the content developer for Noor Riyadh Festival, and she founded in 2019 the Saudi Art Initiative which supports young Saudi artists by giving them a proper platform, and by training young female artists professionally.





Nouf Alhimiary



Once you take a look into her website, https://noufling.com/, you definitely feel the energy behind her amazing work. She uses her photographer and visual communications designer background to work with multimedia approaches ranging from photography, vide, pedagogy, performance and text. Nouf is not only an artist, she is part of a new generation of Saudi contemporary artists, who are using art to bring change to society.



Samiah Khashoggi



Samiah Khashoggi is an interior designer and painter who loves to portray her opinions on the canvas and share them with people. She got her degree in interior design in the United Kingdom, she is also an assistant professor of Design at Dar Al Hekma College.

Samiah Khashoggi is better known for her involvement with Saudiaat; the platform for contemporary female artists. As well as featuring their artwork, Saudiaat supports local female artists and educates the public about the techniques involved in their work.